Shadow Gate documentary exposes Deep State surveillance network

Whistleblowers reveal disturbing extent of psychological operations

by Millie Weaver

In a new documentary by Millie Weaver, two whistleblowers warn the world of an illegal global surveillance network. In ShadowGate, Patrick Bergy (Cyber Security, ARMY, PSYOP Program Developer) and Tore (Linguist, NAVY, Intelligence Contractor) claim that there is a ‘shadow government’ in existence. The extensive network they allude to includes former intelligence officials from a whole host of countries, Big Tech CEO’s and ex-military personnel. Tore and Patrick describe the psychological weapons these people have at their disposal and instances in which they believe they have been used.

The documentary begins with Weaver asking ‘What if I were to tell you that a small group of government contractors were hired by government officials to frame the Trump campaign, and set him up for the Russia collusion investigation?’. Weaver is an unabashed MAGA girl and that’s probably why she made this film. That’s not what we should be focusing on. The reach and power of the ‘Shadow Government’ is a big cause for concern.

‘The ObamaGate scandal only scratches the surface’. Weaver claims that ‘Both parties are equally guilty of covering up an even bigger scandal… ShadowGate’, an ’International criminal enterprise, where blackmail is traded and people’s personal data is gold’. ObamaGate was supposedly just one operation in a sea of others.

Tore reveals that ‘Unlike what most people think, our intelligence doesn’t stay within our borders or ‘within Federal buildings’. Patrick Bergy worked for former Obama administration National Security Advisor General Jim Jones, although he answered to Jones’ son Jim. Bergy says he worked for them for 8 years, ’Managing the most malovolent operations you could imagine’.

Tore reminds us that, ‘The FISA amendment act of 2008, section 702, gave the United States Government permission to spy on citizens with a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The NSA data system collects everything, all metadata, via the ‘upstream’. ‘Everything is stored for 72 hours, then dumped’. ‘If one could twin this stream of data, then privatise it, imagine what they could do with that’. Tore says she worked for John Brennan (Former CIA Director) at the Analysis Corporation and Global Strategies Group. ‘Under Brennan’s directive, Snowden created a data bridge from NSA database into private servers controlled by intelligence and cyber security contractors’. Contractors included former ‘GCHQ, CIA, NSA, M16, M15, German Intelligence’ members. ‘You have to wonder, why are all these former heads heading up consulting firms’? ‘They were collecting everybody’s data, and privatising it’. Tore describes Global Strategies Group as a ‘hub for all information, ‘in and out’. The sharing of data between national intelligence agencies may not be illegal, but a ‘private company housing all of the data’ and making it available to private investors certainly is. Brennan wasn’t CIA director until March 5th 2013. Snowden went public June 5th that year because ‘In just four months, GSG, CGI and other private contractors allegedly had unauthorised access to the entire Five Eyes network, unfiltered, unrestricted, de-compartmentalized, outside any government regulation for oversight’.

Patrick and Tore describe ShadowNet, a commercial version of the IIA (Interactive Internet Activities) weapon. Patrick says that they ‘Kept the intellectual property rights’ of everyone’s data and ‘Rebranded it commercially’. He informs Weaver of how you can ‘select an individual, or a group target, an entire country if you wanted to’. ‘If you understand enough about someone, you can hack their shadow, you can use their fears, you can use their anxieties’ says Tore. ’With enough information, you can predictively determine how they’re going to react’. You could target ‘a certain religious group, a six block radius like Chaz, and you try and get in their mind, how they walk, how they talk, what they like, what pushes their buttons, what drives them nuts… then you use that to your advantage, to push whatever product or direction you want them to go. ’If I want to blackmail you and put you under my thumb, not only will I know everything, I will know your deepest darkest fears, I will know people I can get in contact with to find out more about you’.

Tore and Bergy suggest that these IIA weapons have been used against the American public. ‘These guys back here in America have been having a field day using the technology that we have been developing to alter the outcomes of our elections, in America’, says Bergy. General Jones’ son left his office at Dynology in 2010, a couple of months later that company received a contract from the Department of Defence for a ‘Congressional Knowledge Management System’. CKMS was given control of ‘all of the scheduling, addresses, documents, everything, for the Congress. ‘CKMS is going to give you access to unlimited information’. CKMS’ ‘Primary place of performance’ was listed as ‘Germany’ for ‘Data processing, hosting and related services’. Bergy says after he brought this issue up this in 2018, Dynology soon lost the contract they’d had since 2011 and it was given to a company that existed as ‘nothing more than a website and a maildrop’, a mile or so from Dynology’s Tampa office’. Bergy went on to explain how companies like ‘PsyGroup’ had the exact same product as Dynology and that the owner of Dynology (General James Jones) sits on the board of directors for PsyGroup. ‘It’s like owner of coke sitting on board of director for Pepsi’.

Former CIA head John Brennan was on board with The Analysis Corporation, Global Strategies Group and CGI. General James Jones and General Michael Hayden were involved with Dynology, Clear Force, Jones International Group and Atlantic Council. Clear Force was a ‘defence protection partnership between CGI and GCHQ who shared ‘threat intelligence’. Bergy worked on and named iPSY, the ‘relational database component of’ Clear Force. Screenshots reveal a program designed for ‘Clandestine Internet Network Monitoring’. iPSY could ‘Create personas and interact with online forums, blogs and chat services’ to ‘collect intelligence, perform counter intelligence and disseminate information in either a non-attributable or attributable manner’. You could also ‘see what you’re adversary is up to without them seeing you’. The idea was to create ‘COPs’ (a ‘Common Operational Picture’) of ‘assets’, which ‘could be a journalist’, ‘an entire news organisation’, ‘a podcast’, or it ‘could be an individual YouTube influencer’. ‘It could be anybody like that’. ‘You would either build them from scratch or contract them out, and bring them online’. Foreign partners had access to the NSA server and access was granted both ways. ‘How do you think we found, through facial recognition of the FBI, the Belgian bomber?’, Tore asks. ‘Why would we have their facial recognition data?’

The dirty finger prints of these people can be found all over American politics. During the Mueller investigation, $40 million taxpayer dollars were directed to Brennan affiliated CGI, a Canadian company, for ‘waste management’. The Mueller report also confirmed that Trump declined to work with PsyGroup. According to Tore, this is because he foresaw a ‘honey trap’. Weaver believes Trump’s surprise election ‘got in the way of the big game, contests between contractor and sub-contractors over who gets first dibs on national security and tech contracts’. Tore claims this is why we saw ‘Censoring’ and ‘Shadow banning’ in Clinton’s favour, and ‘bogus’ polls that gave her a 98% chance of winning. Bergy concurs. He says that ’75%’ of people testifying about Trump and the Russian Dossier were connected to Jones, Mccain and the Atlantic Council. Dmitri Alperovitch, Senior Advisor on the Atlantic Council, owns Crowdstrike — the company who originally investigated the DNC server and started the Russian Collusion conspiracy. Tore and Bergy both claim that Brennan was behind the DNC leaks, as well as the 2015 OPM hack. They believe these events were part of an IIA or Psychological Operation.

‘When we hijacked the Afghan elections, how did we do that? We had to understand how the Afghani’s think’, Tore tells us. She underlined the importance of understanding areas that were anti-taliban because they had become more militant and less political. In these areas they could ‘sway their thoughts’ ‘to vote for candidate X, Y, Z’. She went on two say that she helped to ‘train algorithms that could do that for you’

What would be stopping men like Brennan from deploying similar strategies and algorithms in America?

ShadowGate also reveals that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has partnered with General Jones and the Atlantic Council to ‘restore election integrity worldwide’. This happened just after Zuckerberg admitted in front of Congress that data was sold by a developer to Cambridge Analytica. General Jones is directly connected to Cambridge Analytica through PsyGroup and WikiStrat.

Trump has made some big changes. Tore highlights his policy of revoking clearances for retiring intelligence officials. ’Think of all the money they are going to lose in contracting’. Is this why Facebook has been removing Trump ads for ‘harmful misinformation’?

One of the boldest claims made in the documentary is the suggestion that these companies may even be able to influence things like jury selection. Roger Stone has been a long term friend of Donald Trump. Tore believes he is neither a ‘saint’ or a devil but because he ‘knows the swamp’ well, he has been targeted by the same people who went after Trump.

Roger Stone voices some alarming concerns about the make up of his jury. Tore suggests that through the use of ShadowNet, it could be ensured that the entire pool of people brought in to select jury members from, could all have a predisposition to say guilty or not guilty in a particular case. Stone says: ’I do know that based on statistics on the District of Columbia, the statistical possibility of my jury having a single Republican should be impossible, the statistical possibility of my jury having a single military veteran should be impossible, the statistical possibility of my jury having no jurors with less than a college education is impossible, but that was the case’.

Bergy says ‘Clear Force’ is the ‘next iteration of the ShadowNet’. They took ‘Personas and profile capabilities, they added real time criminal background, travel, financial, medical, added all these things in to create predictive behavioural profiles’, that can ‘determine whether or not you’re likely to steal or leak’. ‘Clear Force actually sells this to HR’.

Private companies, with access to the entire planet’s data through national intelligence databases, are executing psychological warfare programs on populations across the world. What’s really terrifying is what is being planned next.

In March 2017, a patent was issued for Jim Jones’ Clear Force for ‘Systems and Methods for electronically monitoring employees to determine potential risk’. Clear Force’s operation included the ‘International cooperative of law enforcement (e.g. INTERPOL, a private security force, and/or the like’ and would see that ‘local law enforcement and individual state databases’ were ‘fed into international justice and public safety networks’ for the ‘full integration of data’.

In March 2020, Atlantic Council issued a Policy Primer entitled ‘AI, Society and Governance’, it read: ’The United Nations Interregional and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) and the International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL) are the leading multilateral institutions at the global level that are looking into this nexus of issues, ’Autonomous patrol robots, computer vision software, tracking and tracing systems, forecasting tools (predictive policing, crime hot spot analytics and more’.

Many people will try and muddy the waters here with unnecessary conspiracies. The facts are enough. There is an international community of former intelligence and military personnel who are illegally trading the global population’s data and using to influence society in the most egregious and pervasive ways. The very same people who are running illegal data hoarding programs and psychological operations to influence elections, want to privatise international security. These people must be face justice.

Watch the full documentary here:

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