Following the failed Covid response, faith in our leaders is at an all time low

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Most conversations about the cultural shifts we have witnessed in the last 18 months revolve around conspiracy theorists and ‘sheeple’. Many people will try to tell you that we are facing a crisis of online radicalisation, which is putting everybody’s lives in danger. People on the other side will tell you that the masses are mindless zombies, wandering into the slaughterhouse of some secretive global illuminati.

I reject both of these premises. They are too simplistic and unsympathetic to the difficulties facing the modern person…

Covid-19 continues to be used as an excuse to expand the surveillance state

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The Guardian has reported that in New South Wales, Australia, WhatsApp will begin interfering with the private messages of its users in order to combat ‘Misinformation.’

A Facebook spokesperson said: ‘We clearly label messages that have been forwarded to help people know they’ve received something that was unlikely to have been written by friends or family. We also set limits on how messages can be forwarded to limit the spread of rumours. …

Well it has. The police state is here, and you’re living in denial if you say otherwise.

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The free world no longer exists. Perhaps it never did in the first place. Ever since 9/11 the reality of our submission to the political ruling class has become more and more clear. The power of our votes pales in comparison to the influence of weapons manufacturers, oil companies, pharmaceutical giants and wall street.

The War on Terror is a perfect example of the way we have been conditioned to accept that we must trade in our civil liberties for ‘safety’ or ‘national…

Silicon Valley monopolies are destroying privacy and democracy, and the government is betting on it!

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The most comprehensive analysis of Big Tech to date has been made public. ‘The House Antitrust Report’ details evidence from ‘Nearly 1.3 million documents’, ’38 submissions from 60 antitrust experts’ as well as interviews with ‘More than 240 market participants’ and ‘Former employees of the investigated platforms’.

The subcommittee leading the investigation was tasked with examining ‘The dominance of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google’ and how their business practices affect the economy and democracy. The power of these corporations is one of the most salient…

Corporate pressure successfully prevents unionization in Bessemer, it’s time to boycott

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There are 5,800 Amazon employees in Bessemer, Alabama. 1,798 voted against the formation of a union. 738 voted for it. 505 votes were contested and therefore set aside. According to the union, the vast majority of the contests were made by Amazon. This is indicative of Amazon’s strong desire to do whatever it takes to ensure a union is not established.

In the build up to the vote, union advocates were impassioned and optimistic. John K., a national organiser for Socialist Resurgence spoke at a rally in Bessemer.


The ‘new normal’ that will further commercialize your existence

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Vaccine Passports are here. New York is introducing the ‘Excelsior Pass’, which must be shown at stores, theatres and stadiums. The app will display a person’s vaccination history and personal identifying information. Airline companies Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qantas and Qatar Airways have also announced that they will be ‘trialling’ the use of vaccination passports.

Of course, this is not an entirely new idea. Vaccine certificates have long been required to travel to certain places. A Yellow Fever vaccination is mandatory for anyone visiting countries such as Angola…


Militarized police attempt to eviscerate blossoming homeless community

On Thursday 25th March around 400 police officers arrived to Echo Park, Central Los Angeles. More than 100 police cars, 3 buses and 2 helicopters completed the intimidating force sent out by councilman Mitch O’Farrell.

This small army had been sent out to disperse the Echo Park Tent Community.

One resident, Ayman Ahmed, asked ‘Where were they during the whole COVID pandemic?’

A statement from the Echo Park Community also referred to the fact that they had been largely left to fend for themselves throughout the pandemic. They were mostly pleased about…

If the most powerful office in the world cannot be questioned, then democracy is dead

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Biden’s first press conference explains why he took so long to partake in one

Joe Biden is 78 years old. He struggles to climb the stairs. He cannot finish his sentences. The Democratic party and the media have protected him since the beginning of his Presidential campaign, but reality cannot be denied anymore. It is immoral to do so.

If Joe Biden was just sitting on his porch like a 78 year old man should be, this wouldn’t be an issue. …

Zuckerberg’s company is being sued for tracking users illegally and selling their data

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The Supreme Court has declined to hear Facebook’s appeal in the wake of a $15 billion lawsuit for the illegal tracking of users and selling of their data. A federal judge originally dismissed the case in 2017 but thanks to a 2020 update to the Wiretap Act, the path now seems clear for a class action lawsuit to hold Facebook accountable.

The Wiretap act prohibits companies from ‘intentionally or purposefully’ ‘intercepting, disclosing or using’ any ‘wire, oral or electronic communication.’

Facebook has violated this law by using…

The new app challenging Big Tech’s monopoly is coming straight out of the crucible

Is there anyone better placed to build a social media app for the people than former NSA director Bill Binney?

The record code-breaker and legendary whistleblower is working with exiled journalist and activist Suzie Dawson, as well as Yale Privacy Lab Founder Sean O’Brien.

Binney, Dawson and O’Brien have all been outspoken defenders of Julian Assange and that alone should give everyone supreme confidence that PanQuake will be designed to facilitate the free flow of information whilst protecting the privacy of its users.

‘Talk Liberation’ is…

Joe Glacken

Tech & Civil Liberties

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