Corporate pressure successfully prevents unionization in Bessemer, it’s time to boycott

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There are 5,800 Amazon employees in Bessemer, Alabama. 1,798 voted against the formation of a union. 738 voted for it. 505 votes were contested and therefore set aside. According to the union, the vast majority of the contests were made by Amazon. This is indicative of Amazon’s strong desire to do whatever it takes to ensure a union is not established.

In the build up to the vote, union advocates were impassioned and optimistic. John K., a national organiser for Socialist Resurgence spoke at a rally in Bessemer.


The ‘new normal’ that will further commercialize your existence

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Vaccine Passports are here. New York is introducing the ‘Excelsior Pass’, which must be shown at stores, theatres and stadiums. The app will display a person’s vaccination history and personal identifying information. Airline companies Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qantas and Qatar Airways have also announced that they will be ‘trialling’ the use of vaccination passports.

Of course, this is not an entirely new idea. Vaccine certificates have long been required to travel to certain places. A Yellow Fever vaccination is mandatory for anyone visiting countries such as Angola…


Militarized police attempt to eviscerate blossoming homeless community

On Thursday 25th March around 400 police officers arrived to Echo Park, Central Los Angeles. More than 100 police cars, 3 buses and 2 helicopters completed the intimidating force sent out by councilman Mitch O’Farrell.

This small army had been sent out to disperse the Echo Park Tent Community.

One resident, Ayman Ahmed, asked ‘Where were they during the whole COVID pandemic?’

A statement from the Echo Park Community also referred to the fact that they had been largely left to fend for themselves throughout the pandemic. They were mostly pleased about…

If the most powerful office in the world cannot be questioned, then democracy is dead

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Biden’s first press conference explains why he took so long to partake in one

Joe Biden is 78 years old. He struggles to climb the stairs. He cannot finish his sentences. The Democratic party and the media have protected him since the beginning of his Presidential campaign, but reality cannot be denied anymore. It is immoral to do so.

If Joe Biden was just sitting on his porch like a 78 year old man should be, this wouldn’t be an issue. …

Zuckerberg’s company is being sued for tracking users illegally and selling their data

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The Supreme Court has declined to hear Facebook’s appeal in the wake of a $15 billion lawsuit for the illegal tracking of users and selling of their data. A federal judge originally dismissed the case in 2017 but thanks to a 2020 update to the Wiretap Act, the path now seems clear for a class action lawsuit to hold Facebook accountable.

The Wiretap act prohibits companies from ‘intentionally or purposefully’ ‘intercepting, disclosing or using’ any ‘wire, oral or electronic communication.’

Facebook has violated this law by using…

The new app challenging Big Tech’s monopoly is coming straight out of the crucible

Is there anyone better placed to build a social media app for the people than former NSA director Bill Binney?

The record code-breaker and legendary whistleblower is working with exiled journalist and activist Suzie Dawson, as well as Yale Privacy Lab Founder Sean O’Brien.

Binney, Dawson and O’Brien have all been outspoken defenders of Julian Assange and that alone should give everyone supreme confidence that PanQuake will be designed to facilitate the free flow of information whilst protecting the privacy of its users.

‘Talk Liberation’ is…

Be a brick in the house for all

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There are few sights more spine-tingling in this world than thousands of people gathered together, marching in the same direction. It is the power of the people, towering above everything else. It cannot be ignored.

In the last week we have seen enormous turnouts for the Worldwide Freedom Rally, as well as events in the UK to protest police brutality and violence against women. These displays of public action served as follow-ups to the global response to the American Black Lives Matter movement. All of these protests garnered international recognition. With so…

The state has the monopoly on violence, it is futile to fight fire with fire


Attempts to pass the authoritarian Police and Crime Bill have resulted in protests all over the country, from London to Leeds to Manchester. The bill proposed a disturbing expansion of police powers to shut down protests and hand out ridiculous prison sentences for protesters.

Over the past year or so, some pundits have dubbed the British public docile and derided us for appearing unbothered by the erosion of our civil liberties. That is not the case. There were huge numbers of people nationwide who took…

Now more than ever, we are becoming one. We need to start thinking about the best ways to optimise that.

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We are in the age of near unlimited information. Some would say that we are suffering from an information overload. Although with billions of minds to digest that information, I would refute that. Today, more than 4.5 billion human beings use the internet. Considering that Tim Berners-Lee only invented the World Wide Web in 1989, that is a pretty incredible number — and it’s only going to rise as the population grows and our infrastructure improves.

When ideas and personalities…

Reaction To Sarah Everard’s Murder Exposes Disturbingly Opportunistic Nature of British Fascism

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Sarah Everard was murdered by a police officer. Led by the feminist group Sisters Uncut, the people of Britain took to the streets to protest and to honour Sarah. The reaction from the police was a disgrace as they aggressively forced the crowd to disperse, handcuffing women and manhandling them. The message from the public was clear, we demand change to stop violence against women. This includes violence at the hands of the police, who have an unacceptable and often unaccountable monopoly on violence.

Home Secretary Priti Patel…

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